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Thread: Let's be friends - curse me!

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    Big Grin Let's be friends - curse me!

    If anyone wants to friend me on Facebook, I don't mind adding Tomb Raider forum friends on my Facebook gaming account. Feel free to spend your hard-earned coins and curse me

    Just send me a message if you add me as a friend, so that I know who you are.

    I thought there used to be a thread around these parts about what we thought of the curse system. I haven't actually bought a curse yet, because I think the price is a bit high and I'm still coveting every coin I collect, but I've been cursed a few times so far, and it's been fun! I need more people to curse me for my screenshot collection
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    Oh, hey! Glad to add you as a friend on Facebook I was just admiring your bug report thread. Nicely done I might have a few things to add! Tell them not to fix the awesome running in the driving area bug, I haven't played the desert level yet and I want to try that when I do
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    Thank you! I was starting to think that no one was reading it. And yes, the driving bug is fun hahaha, but it's not that easy to do. Depends on what type of obstacle you're running before arriving there.

    This is my fb too, for everyone that want curses and a friend!

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    Thanks for the curses, Puro-Osso!

    Some of the ones you sent so far I got the screenshots I needed, some of them I messed up

    If you go through the list and finish it, I'll finally review all my screenshots and let you know any specific ones I request
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    You're welcome, sir!

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    Can someone curse me? I need to survive one more curse for the achievement
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    Here I am
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    I solve problems.

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    Yay, I got the achievement

    Thank you!
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    ^ Never seen a guy that happy for being cursed.

    BTW, my FB link is in my signature. Please feel free to add and curse me.

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