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Thread: Stolen music from Tomb Raider?

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    Stolen music from Tomb Raider?

    I don't know if this have been posted before.

    But does anyone know if the soundtracks from the first Tomb Raider game are copyrighted? I just randomly found out that apparently a few youtube lets-players have been "warned" and later got the sound from their videos deleted.
    It seems to be due to a band called "Leviathán" that uses samples from the "t-rex & tomb of tihocan" themes that are causing this.

    Nathan McCree himself, if that really is his official youtubepage have commented about them having stolen his music. So my question is, are they allowed to use these samples? It just seems so weird.

    I also noticed that their albums & songs are for sale on iTunes. So they are definitely making money out of it.

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    Oh man, that band needs a different singer. Bad.
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    ^ Is it bad that I actually laughed at their voice?
    Using the TR soundtrack sounds so out of place on a song anyway...

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    Interesting development. It is definitely not a smart idea not to give credits to whom its due. Without consequence?

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