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Thread: Any Entomologists Out There?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nox_Dogma View Post

    a realistic szenario -> pigeon_paramyxovirus
    swarm panic -> if the swarm starts to fly and is in panic (thunder can panic the swarm), all birds act like one bird
    then it is possible that the birds fly against a wall, mail, trees .... (this happened in USA). (1 bird dies, all birds following)

    something strange ^^
    Oh my! You have been busy haven't you.

    Do you really think that either of the above explanations are relevant to Life Is Strange? I am not so sure.
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    not relevant
    i think the third (swarm panic) option is good because the storm (friday) brings lightnings and thunder
    the birds react and then got in panic
    why this happens befor friday? i dont know ^^
    maybe it indicates that the storm still will be there on friday

    atm i'm very bussy, you're right

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