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Thread: Max Needs to Get Out of This School!

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    Max Needs to Get Out of This School!

    This really needs to get out of this school. A kid with a gun, threatening security, a power-struggled principal, and the terrible visions are a complete sign to get out of dodge. I mean, I don't know if I could leave a place when I knew that terrible things are happening and people are going to get wiped out by a tornado... Ever since she left Seattle, nothing has been going right for her! But, I guess the entire point of the series is to be there for the people you love, so I'd say I would stay and help. If you had a choice, would you leave the town or stay?

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    Wasn't that Chloe's original plan? To hit the road with Rachel. Can't say I blame her for wanting to leave ASAP. The school is a terrible place and the town seems to be a macrocosm of that environment. The homeless woman at the back of the diner in episode 2 has a lot to dish on how far the town's fallen. It seems the Prescott family has been bad news for Arcadia Bay.
    If I had the choice, I would so want to leave that town. Max, on the other hand, doesn't really have a choice and is stuck there playing the part of the everyday hero. But that what makes a hero a hero. They stay and face the dangers while everyone else runs away.

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