Thread: Mysterious item inventory bug [Depleted]

Mysterious item inventory bug [Depleted]

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    Exclamation Mysterious item inventory bug [Depleted]

    After logging in today and playing a few matches having my mysterious item on my Tyrant the entire time I noticed that my visual FX from my item doesn't trigger anymore and when I checked in the item before every match, the item is in my inventory with a red mark saying [Depleted]:


    The item is still in the inventory but under that marker as Depleted, not functioning at all...

    First time something like this happens. I'd like to know if this is a bug, because It was long enough to lvl up this item...and to have it not function is just funny I'd love to have the item fixed and functioning again...

    Thanks in advance, JesyMynceTM

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    Recharge it

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    Every item which has charge, depletes over time and has to be recharged with gold or runestones.

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