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Thread: Questions On the Rewind Power

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    Questions On the Rewind Power

    Ok, so I have a few questions that may or may not be answered in the coming episodes.
    1. Can Max rewind time with people? Like holding onto someone and them coming back to a certain point in time with her?
    2. If Max is in a moving object, whenever she rewinds, will she stay in the vehicle or stand where the vehicle was?
    3. If Max gets injured, can she rewind to fix her injury?

    Now, onto a kinda theory/suggestion...
    In the coming episodes, can we have a limited amount of times to rewind and not telling us how many rewinds we have left? Just to have that lurking sense in the back of players minds. I don't know, I just thought it would be cool.
    Thank you!

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    1. We don't know this, but this is something I personally have thought about before and would like to see.

    2. Interesting question. Again, we don't know...and I have no idea either. I could see reasons for either way.

    3. Hmm, we don't know of course, but I doubt it. Max stays the same when rewinding in every other way, I don't think wounds would heal.

    I know when she picks up an object it remains in her control, even if she is not it. Same for her clothes, purse/bag, shoes, etc. This may relate to the above.

    As for your suggestion, the problem with that as a game mechanic is that it discourages exploration. The rewind mechanic inherently encourages exploration--I can see the (temporary) result of taking a picture of Kate getting harassed. This is aided by a conversation design that is not "right" versus "wrong," but simply what choice you take and its consequences. Now, there IS a scene at the end of episode 2 where SPOILERS you lose the ability to rewind. This, however, is because the game has moved to effectively a "boss battle," a place where the goal is not exploration but rather a success state. The phrase "success state" is disingenuous because neither that path or the "failure" path are end-all-be-alls for the state of the game, but it is valid because the conversations during that time period are pass/fail checks. The purpose is different.

    I feel limiting the rewind mechanic would discourage that most vital of characteristics of an adventure game--exploration. And it's not like we need to not be able to rewind to have tense moments--that moment about 3/5ths of the way through E2 was plenty tense, even with rewind.
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