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Thread: What is important in a game? **Minor spoilers, ep1**

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    Thumbs Up What is important in a game? **Minor spoilers, ep1**

    This is a question that had been weighing on me for a while.... I'd flipped through more games than I really should (by virtual of Humble Bundle, STEAM sales etc) and was finding it hard to settle on anything. I had fun games, graphically impressive games, state of the art games, critically acclaimed games (and a lot of naff stuff to be honest). Nothing really grabbed me for long, though.

    And then I chance upon Life is Strange.

    I started playing. The opening was a bit of a shock to the system and then when Max awoke I immersed myself in the comfortable surrounds of the classroom. I felt the game was allowing me to sit back and take a breath, to consider what had just happened and to just be Max for a bit.

    When the class finished I got up and walked around and was surprised and delighted with the depth and artfulness of the detail to be explored. It felt like I was in a little world, a real classroom with real ephemera. I didn't feel unduly constrained or rushed or pressured. I felt like I was in a different world and that I had the opportunity to explore it.

    And then I stepped out of the classroom and the noise and bustle receded as Max put in her earphones and started to listen to music. The music was exactly the sort of music I was coming to imagine Max listening to and that first walk down the school hallway was one of the most magical moments I've had in gaming. I can't explain why other than to say that everything came together to the point where I felt I was there, walking down that corridor.

    And from this point onwards I was utterly hooked. The world held together in a way that let me feel I was part of it. It never pushed me along at a pace I didn't want to go, it had moments that let me kick back, reflect and listen to music that has inspired me to go grab new albums from bands I'd never heard of before. I feel invested with the characters, I want to know what happens to them all - the good, the bad and the ugly. Arcadia Bay has a personality of it's own as well and I want to know its past and its future as well as delving into every nook and cranny I can find.

    And I get to explore it all, feeling that the decisions I make have real weight. Not some crude good<->bad meter but real narrative significance in a story I care about. I'm not feeling the pressure of picking the 'right' path to avoid some artificial game-losing state. Instead I'm finding out the effect my choices are having. Despite being able to rewind if I don't like the immediate effect of them, I'm still agonizing over them - my mind imagining all sorts of long-term consequences.

    In short.... (and I know this post really isn't)... I adore this game. It's artful in every sense of the word and I really hope it inspires many more games to come. I want more....

    Thank you to the devs, the musicians and everyone else involved in creating it,

    ~~ Ssieth

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    Hi Ssieth,

    It's great to read your reaction to the game and I'm really glad you are enjoying it. It's true what you say, even with the power to rewind, I still find myself debating over the choices

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