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Thread: Max and Amber- Connection? (Minor Spoilers)

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    Max and Amber- Connection? (Minor Spoilers)

    I marked spoilers just in case.

    Anyone remember what Samuel said about the 'doe' that Max saw? He said, that was her spirit animal. That got me thinking, so I went into the 'Two Whales Diner' and went into the bathroom. On the left side, near the door you see a picture of a doe, and a missing poster of Rachel Amber.

    I thought this was kind of strange, but than again it might be hinting towards some kind of connection. Maybe they share the same power, or spirit animal.

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    I'm certain they're the same in some significant way, though I have no idea what it is.
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    Interesting. I was thinking Rachel had the same power Max has. As Max, if you rewind, you can say all the right things to people. Rachel was like that. She got along with EVERYONE (well not Victoria) like Daniel, Justin, Evan, and Hayden seems to like her too. Eh, just my theory though.

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    Hmm. I figured they had some similarity, but I did not ever consider than Rachel might have had the power too. That's very interesting.
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