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What I think about this Deus Ex

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    What I think about this Deus Ex

    I have to say my truth about next Deus Ex .I am realist and you won't hear from me that everything is perfect.I wanted to say that I am Deus Ex 1 fan and now there is no hope for reset Deus Ex project.First of all a new hero for next DX even female would be better because many players know Jensen know that he fooled himself in many ways last time and we know how he will react again.Main character must be badass ,must be realist ,he can't just go and throw empty words everywhere.There were some rumors that he died in the ocean in Panchea.I dont blame him but this is not his role.But after this trailer we know they will just push continue for more.Deus Ex HR wasn't bad game.It's just not like Deus Ex 1.For me it's completly different Deus Ex .

    I played only once HR ,Missing link 3 times .Of course I will play Mankind Divided but I don't expect to be better than DX1.Only graphics will be better.The trailer looks awesome, people should be happy and I am happy that they toned gold because in HR gold was everywhere. You got better engine but some of the game mechanics will stay.I know why some people blame third person cover and combat system.I know how this system worked for me in HR.

    And people you should play Deus Ex GMDX mod.

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    Considering you have played The Missing Link 3 times, you should have been expecting a return of Jensen as the protagonist. TML pretty much sets this up in the ending.

    Personally, I'm OK with the choice. While there was some trouble with the writing of the cutscenes in HR (Jensen falling for Zhao's trick with the panic room immediately comes to mind), I felt the character was written pretty well, and actually felt more of a connection to Adam than I ever felt to JC. I do agree that the idea of a female character sounds tempting, and I hope the devs try to explore this in some way.

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    Edit I reword all thing down to : whatever, if people want remakes, they want remakes. I am not going to argue with anyone.
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    Man .I am not saying remake Deus Ex 1 .Just create new main character male or female.This can even be made like in Dishonored.
    If they played Dishonored they should know that there were 2 main characters.You played as Corvo and Daud.They can do the same with Deus Ex.
    After they release they can add new content.In new content:
    New character based on nano augmentations ,can be female ,first person perspective combat ,first person leaning and cover system.
    And this would be the best decision ever .
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    Originally Posted by Dvaythavvar
    have you ever thought that there's no practical point to remake DX1 game just with fancier graphics.

    Originally Posted by Dvaythavvar
    He looks good and good looks is as important as gameplay.
    This is probably the dumbest thing you've said so far (which is impressive).

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    Originally Posted by Lady_Of_The_Vine
    Play nice.
    He has a point.