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Thread: What Choices cause Warren to ask Max out on a Date ?

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    What Choices cause Warren to ask Max out on a Date ?

    I have no idea how Warren waits outside Max's room to ask her out on a date. What choices did I miss or not take to not have this happen? I did get the mention from the cheerleader for Max to go out with Warren, but I do not think that is the same.

    Any help? Thanks.

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    When Max leaves the girls dormitory she comes across Warren who is standing around waiting for her. During their conversation he states. . .

    "Speaking of dystopia, that drive-in is having a 70's 'Planet of the Apes' marathon. Let's go ape."

    Max then has a simple choice to make - yes or no. If her answer is yes, the date is set.
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    There is no choice that causes this, to my knowledge. It happens regardless of what you say previously.

    Unless someone has conflicting experience?
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