Dear community, on a site, which is a big gaming community Forum, I've written
an English Review about the game.

First of all: We actually do not post long, if even selfmade reviews, and if then also not from me.
Since I'm not the best english speaker, even though i'm not the worst in english...

Anyway, I want to share it with others, to hear a statement about the review.
That would be awesome -Thank you


Out of Time

(Please excuse Grammer Mistakes, also its my first actual review for a game I love)

Arcadia Bay, after over a month it finally comes back, the little place ont the ocean in America.
Max Caulfield, I fall in love in you. Alright, didn't took the right words, but I already do have a
deeper connection to the game. Like someone who writes a Book and deep into the World, it lives
and loves, so I love and live the game. On a different way.
Because in Life is Strange I mostly can decide the story. Ok well, the story has more or less a red string,
but thats ok so, but already after the 2nd Episode you feel, that there're different ways of the red string.
and what even a small decision from EP.1 has effects now.

In Episode 1 we learnd and meet Max Caulfield. A shy, 18 years old girl which study a few weeks on the Blackwell Unversit photography.
And yes, she is a great photograph.
But suddenly her live changes in minutes. She safes a Blue hair girl in the Girlstoiletls, which actually got shooted by Nathon Prescott,
the son of the dispensers of the school. But right in this moment she learns to travle back in time. And from now on she's a everyday hero.
But a life with super-powers seems not be that easy as she thought first.
It soon turns out: It's not a coincidence she got those powers.

We begin our second day in the Blackwell Acedemy, in the Woman Dorms.
Once again the games is shining with Attention to detail, beautiful scenes and good background sounds as Soundtracks.
Also a fluent and actual real game being. Right in the start, we can decide to chill a bit in the bed befor we wake up. We take over control
again of Maxs life. And that makes it so real. And who needs even more time, can listen to the first song of the awesome soundtrack.
As soon as we weake up, we can inspect our room again. And then go to the showers. Like a normal girl.
A final view in the mirror shows us, we have a zombie-face after waking up.

Arriving the shower, we take down our clothes and turn on the water. It becomes evident that Episode 2 also turns a lot about Kate.
Because the viral Video, a Sex- or embrassing Video of a Vortex-Party seems to be getting even more viral and Kate is getting humiliated
more and more. While we take a shower Victoria is coming into the Bathrooms with Taylor Christensen. Both do humiliate Kate again.
When Kates leave the bathrooms Victoria leaves a link to the page with the video written with lipstick on a mirror.
Also when Victoria and Taylor leaves the bathroom we can now come out of our hidingspot. More or less.
We now can remove the link of the mirror and do a favor to Kate.
Since Kate wanted a book back we go straight on the way to her room.
When giving her the book we have a chance to talk and also investigate her room. We even find a card
where her Mother says "[...] you bring shame to our family[...]".
Kate tells us that she god drugged on a Vortex-Party. She doesnt remember anything.
Also Nathon, who wanted to kill Chloe and is against Max, told her to bring her to the Emergancy Roob
which seems it was a lie. What happend she doenst know.
At the end of the chat we can once more decide what to answer, tell Kate to go to the police or wait for proof.
Some sort of special answers having instant and also later significant changes to the story.

The Tornado out from Max's visions is going straight to Arcadia Bay!

More we don't want to tell you. If applicable look the new Trailer for Episode 2 to get some more insights.
We really most to make big compliments to the team, which isn't a big company, with not such big support
like with EA or Warner Brothers, but together with Square Enix they created a awesome, revolutionary game.
Those are devs with heart and soul for creating games, with passion. Do more with less. Inspire people.
Because never before a game like Life Strange has taken me down like this. I am fascinated
It may is also a bit a matter of opinion but I'd love to see 20 more of those games then
all over again games like Battlefield, Assisins, or CoD. (Even though those games take alot of development too ofc, no hate)

Lifei s Strange can conquer a gamer heart with those Stunning graphics (in the sense of: Uniquely Beautiful and Atmospheric),
unique and personal drawn characters, a beautiful World (even though its always only a small part of it), many details,amazing and always matching soundtracks, great sound design and the gamecontrolling and of course a engaging story.

And even Non-Player should be amazed of this game.
It is thought provoking.
The game offers time, in the truest sense of the word, to relax.
And it offers a engaging and amazing story, which many secrets and 2 big questions: What happend to Rachel and
why does have Max those powers and visions?


Technical seen is Life is Strange the eye-catcher of the year.
From the sound to the unique graphics till the gameplay, every is
as it has to be. Details. And errors and mistakes you can search vainly.
From the story is the game on a good way. And Episode 2 can hook up to Episode 1 very good.
Still keep your eyes and ears open, to not miss even a single detail or a photo-chance. Or another
funny comment to something Max can see.

Besides, I can see my self in Max. Besides she is a girl.

More or less I'm living the same life. It makes me thing even more

We give out 10/10 Poits or 100%. For a great and unique game
Thank you Dontnod.