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Thread: "Open letter" about this Games

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    this is an "open letter" to the developers,writers, artists and designers of DONTNOD Entertainment.

    I don't have an important message to convey, or a theroy to share, not even a suggestion for the game. I only have one thing in mind, to thank all of you. I want to thank every single person that has worked on this game, because it is one of the best games I have ever played in my life up until now.

    I normaly never write things like this post, but "Life is Strange" touched me, like only a few games have before. For me and a lot of other people it will remain one of the best games of all time and I surely won't forget about it anytime soon. It is not perfect and has some flaws, but I don't care, every game has and that is what, in the end, shapes/defines it's greatness. To be somwhat flawed but stunning and engaging at the same time, to let the player forget about the flaws and the fact that he is playing just that, a game.

    It is innovative and interesting, has tons of replay value and important messages. The story is not overwhelming or epic, but that's what makes it so great, it is the life of a totally normal person, thrown into a mixer of chaos. The game has finally a main character who believeable (and female, wich is still rare in games), with flaws, hopes, mistakes, accomplishments and fears. The same goes for the selection of the absolutely amazing Soundtrack, that just fits the game really well. The art style and the visuals may not be for everyone, but I personally like it, since it feels really atmospheric and works well with everything else in this game (The audio, the writing, etc.). It is really great to see what developers can accomplish with the Unreal Engine and some meshes from 3D Programs. The Gameplay is basic, but is perfect for this kind of narrative driven game, espspecially with this great (and in games generally underused) twist to it. Good job on implementing it so well!

    Hell, even the community is better than in most games. I really like the theories and little hints that are being put together, here and on Reddit. I really like to discover things that I perviously missed, especially since there seem to be so many overarching themes, hidden tales and twists to characters that I didn't catch while playing.

    In the end I just want to thank you for this great expirience, for me it truly is a masterpiece and believe me I'am very nitpicky and critical when talking/thinking about my favourite subject. It is one of the rare things that really touched me while and after playing. Having typed about 45 minutes (ya I'am kind of slow) I just want to say one big thank you to everyone who helped to create this game, it would make me really happy if at least one of you read this until the end. Greetings from germany,

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    I'm not english so it's hard to write a message like yours (I'm bad at it), but I agree with everything you said before. I have already sent a message directly to the team (dontnod website) in french :3
    Greetings from France,

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    Thank you so much for some of the most kind words I've read so far about Life is Strange. I've taken your post and shared with the the lead developers at DONTNOD as well as the team at Square Enix.

    Thank you again for your amazing support and taking the time to write this, it really is so nice to receive. Life is Strange has a fantastic community and I can't thank you all enough!

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    I'am so happy it got noticed. I feel like this was the least I could do to support you/thank you.

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    Wow OP, you said things better than I could! And I want to thank you for that You said everything, really. The words that stand out the most imo: narrative, masterpiece, touched, female, soundtrack, innovative, message, flawed, engaging, normal. All of those words describe everything so well.

    For once, as a gay woman in a mainly straight male community and someone looking for a great story and human traits over high score, I feel welcome and am so very grateful. This game is not even halfway but it's already taken a spot in my personal favorites of all time. The first game that made me feel like this was Illusion Of Time/Gaia (an Enix game, I was 13... time flies! )

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