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Thread: YouTube - Life is Strange "Let's Play" Copyright claims

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    Lightbulb YouTube - Life is Strange "Let's Play" Copyright claims

    Hello everyone,

    We love seeing your Let's Play videos of Life is Strange and look forward to seeing more.

    We want to address the copyright claims you may see on your video from music companies. Please be aware we currently have no control over this but want to ask for your help in order to look into this further.

    If you have received a copyright claim on your Life is Strange Let's Play video, please can you post the company name below.

    You can see your copyright claims here:

    Many thanks

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    Hi. I have one for you so far. I'll edit this topic if any others pop up.

    Song- To All of You - Syd Matters
    Company name- [Merlin] BecauseMusic


    "Angus & Julia Stone-Santa Monica Dream", sound recording administered by:
    Believe Music
    [Merlin] PIAS
    [Merlin] Harmonia Mundi
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