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Thread: Max should appear to teleport

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    Max should appear to teleport

    As we know, Max stays in the same location when she goes back in time. To anybody watching her, she should appear to teleport from one location to another or at least "jerk" into a new posture suddenly.

    For example:
    14:00 - Max is standing in location A
    14:00 - she walks to location B
    14:05 - she is in location B and activates time reversal
    14:00 - Max is now in location B at the same time as she started in location A

    As you can see, since the 5 minute walk has been "erased" from the timeline, anybody watching Max at 14:00 would surely witness her vanish from location A and instantly reappear in location B.

    I tested this out in the school corridor when Kate leaves the classroom by walking down the corridor and then reversing time so that Kate was coming straight at me. However, nobody noticed.

    So I have to wonder, is this something we just have to ignore, or is there some other explanation? Or will it become important in later episodes perhaps?

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    Ignore it. It's an ability you/Max can use, but there will be no explanation for why no one notices.

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    I feel like her powers are a bit like Hermione's time-turner. She's the only one who experiences any differences in the timeline (and remembers them) and no one else can tell. Whether or not people start really paying attention later in the game is still up in the air. I find this especially interesting since there's the issues of security cameras being installed in the school AND the fact that she's in a photography class. At some point SOMEONE should notice that she doesn't move normally because it just seems so hard to escape forever.

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