Thread: Somthing you hope for in the future DQ games?

Somthing you hope for in the future DQ games?

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    Somthing you hope for in the future DQ games?

    Just something you think would be a neat addition to the series, maybe it's been left out of the newest installments and needs a comback, or something that can help the series evolve.

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    Finally making it into the HD generation would be a nice first step.

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    Personally I hope they make it so you can spend skill points on certian things you want instead of in a set place like I want to be able to get omnivocational weapon master earlier than normal and If I want certian skill other than having to get others first that sort of thing

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    That they not be MMO RPGs.

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    Considering their intent to support DQX for 10+ years, I doubt a near future one will be an MMO.

    Not all FF games after X are MMO releases either, nor will they be.

    And DQX more or less plays like a single player one does, just with an altered battle system (that still feels turn based) and the option to either play with others or hire NPC allies.

    It still retains that DQ feeling.

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    I hope DQ series creator Yujii Hori and team to also develop all DQ games for multiple consoles and portables. No just some them.

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    why did square enix stop making dragon quest games for consoles now their all for the ds

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    I hear ya. I also can't stand it when companies re-release, or remake, popular console games from the past for portable systems today. Personally, I don't like portable gaming systems. There are already too many people who, when out in the public, have their faces stuck in their phones or other devices while being almost completely oblivious to what's going on around them. Just another one of my gripes. lol

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    I would love to see another dragon quest for ps3!!! DQ8 is my all time favorite ps2 game...

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    I think everyone would love to see a DQ for ps3!!! especially me!

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    thank you i told my friends about this and you know what they said dragon quest came out on consoles ? then i just kind of left still deciding if i should talk to them ever agian lol.

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    Uh...Dragon Quest X is for consoles...

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    I am a huge fan of Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King and i liked it on its version on PS2. Since all the DQ games that came out afterwards were on Wii, DS or 3DS, I really want the next one to be on PS3 with HD graphics. I was wondering if I was the only one...

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    Dragon Quest is Nintendo exclusive since 2006.

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    It would be nice to get all the Dragon Quest titles regardless of the system! I have seen nothing about DQ 7 Remix 3DS or DQ 10 to be released outside of Japan which is sad.

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    Hi, just wait for Dragon Quest X on Wii U i think we won't see a DQ game for ps3 for a long time and maybe never. However i am planning to get the wii u just for that game. I too love journey of the cursed king! [img]/tools/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/img/smiley-smile.gif[/img]

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    I would love to see it on the PS3 again as well.

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    PS3 or PS4. I would buy the PS4 just for Dragon Quest!

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    heck just seeing any DQ release in NA would be a gift from the gods........

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    I look at my purchases of the games in a series as "investments" for my gaming in the future. I'm telling the company, "I love what you're doing. Keep it up!"

    I don't know about everyone else, but, I'm not seeing the "Visionary" work from SE today that I was used to seeing from "Squaresoft" and "Enix" years ago. The company has made decisions as if everything they created before were "failures". That's just how it looks to me. "Adapting to trend".... Nah, they owned that for years. "Excuses".

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    Keeping the customisation of DQ9 where you choose your characters and how they dress rather than get given characters.