I like to say that this game is one of the best games I'm...currently playing. When I saw the first trailer, I knew it was gonna be an amazing game and I was looking forward to it when it comes out. Fast forward and here we are, we finally get to experience such a compelling and wonderful story and so far, after the release of episode 2, it's getting better. I love everything about the game but most of all, the story is the one that piqued my curiosity more. I never been this hype since The Walking Dead season 1 and honestly, I wasn't really into the whole zombies thing anymore. Don't get me wrong, zombies are awesome but I'm always a sucker for time travel stuff. Always have and always will. Time travel stories are interesting to me and I'm glad to have Life is Strange to be in addition, to be part of that kind of genre.

Back in January, I read an article about the game and also watched the video. It's regarding the game's lead character. Honestly, while it may work in some ways for a male lead, the story is more appropriate for a female lead character. To me, I don't see how it would work with a male character and I think it would be bland somehow if it did happen but that's just me. Now that the story is finally established, in terms of having the game out there for us to play and experience such an amazing story and we see it in a female perspective, a female lead character. I'm just glad it wasn't change to the publishers' liking and Square-Enix made a good decision about it. So yeah, Dontnod Entertainment, you guys are doing an awesome job!

Here's a link to anyone who don't know about it yet: http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/...ame-dev-diary/
Try reading and watching the video as well, it's interesting.

Episode 2 left me with a lot of emotions. Yes, all them feels! Especially towards the last part. It's something I can relate to, both whom I used to be an acquaintance and I, myself as well. It really impacted me and I hope it reaches to a lot of people, in an open-minded way. I just hope it reaches in a positive note and that we all can give the opportunity, not just myself or yourself, but for anyone else who needs it the most.

Last but not least, I know I've been saying this and I've been tweeting quite a lot about it but Life is Strange is just so awesome and I can't wait for the next episode! My thoughts about what happened so far is still hanging in my mind and I know my mind will be blown again for the next episode. I hope that Dontnod Entertainment will keep up the good work and attain the same awesomeness on what's currently going on with Life is Strange. Thank you so much and thank you Square-Enix for giving them the opportunity to showcase such an awesome story.