Thread: Quality and ambience of sound still poor?

Quality and ambience of sound still poor?

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    Question Quality and ambience of sound still poor?

    I first played this game in March 2014. Now I own my own copy of it and have the opportunity to play it again a year later, and my first impression is basically one of "ugh".

    Performance of the game overall has improved drastically, so I've no complaints there. I greatly enjoyed the visuals of the game when I first played it and I enjoy it even more now that it runs better than before.

    The sound, however, still sucks. Erin still sounds like she's talking somewhere behind me most of the time I'm talking to her. Her voice is still practically a yell at times when she's standing right around the corner from some guards while at other times she might as well be whispering when I really ought to be able to hear her.

    Audio occlusion is, at times, still non-existent while at other times it still gets cut off as though someone put an aquarium between me and the audio source.

    Does SE/EM have any intention of addressing these issues at some point? Would getting something other than my Realtek ALC889 (which has great sound for onboard in any other games, mind you) help improve the audio at all?

    Or am I still going to have to turn subtitles on or turn my speakers and system sound to 11 during that particular peeping-through-the-hole scene?

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    The most up-to-date information we have regarding the audio issues can be found on the technical forum, in this thread:
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    Thanks, I'd skimmed the technical section before but didn't notice that thread. You can go ahead and remove this one if necessary.

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