Please include the following information when creating a new thread for a bug report:

  • Bug description
    • What happens?

  • Steps taken to reproduce bug
    • How does it happen? What steps do you take before it occurs?

  • What team you are currently managing

  • The current in game date

  • Device you are playing on
    • Example: Nexus 5

  • OS you are playing on
    • iOS or Android

  • OS Version currently installed on your device
    • Example: Android 4.4.2

  • Additional information and screenshots

  • How do I find out what my OS Version is?
    • Android:
      Please note that steps may vary between Devices and OS versions
      1. Open 'Settings'
      2. Select the 'General' or 'More' section
      3. Select 'About Device'
      4. View 'Android Version'
    • iOS:
      1. Open the Settings app
      2. Tap 'General'
      3. Tap 'About'
      4. Scroll down and look for 'Version'