How often does Champ Man get updated?
The most recent iteration of Champ Man gets updated after each real world transfer window closes to include the latest seasonal data. We may also occasionally update Champ Man to add certain features or fix bugs, though these kind of updates do not usually have a fixed schedule.

Please note that once a new numbered Champ Man is released, the previous number Champ Man app may no longer be updated.

How long after the transfer window closes will the update come out?
We aim to release seasonal updates three to four weeks after the close of the transfer window. Under certain circumstances the update may, however, be delayed.

Why can't you provide an exact update date?
The update process for an app generally runs as follows:

Step one: Once we have gathered all seasonal information or implemented new features, the update build is submitted for testing and bug detection to our Quality Assurance department. Depending on how many new bugs are discovered, the update may be delayed. Testing, bug fixing and re-testing may therefore take a number of weeks.

Step two: Once our QA department has vetted the update build, we submit it to Apple/Google for approval. Apple and Google thereafter run additional tests and checks on the app. Submission to Apple/Google and their tests can take anywhere between a few days to a week or more.

Step three: Depending on their verdict, the update may then be immediately set live or rejected - in the latter case we must start over from step two.

Therefore, the reason we can't provide exact update dates is due to the uncertainty of the Apple/Google submission process. We generally only know for certain one or two days in advance whether an update will be approved and set live or not.

What will be included in the next update?
Please see the dedicated update thread for more information on this.

When is the next update coming out?
Please see the dedicated update thread for more information on this.