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Thread: Soul Reaver Retrospective

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    Soul Reaver Retrospective

    Hello all. I recently re-purchashed the LoK series for Steam, seeing as my consoles are no longer around, and I had a blast revisiting them after many years. I'd always wanted to put some of my thoughts regarding each individual game into writing, so I've decided to do just that.

    Here is my retrospective on Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. I speak very little about gameplay and focused on character, storytelling, and the environments. Soul Reaver in particular is a game that has a lot going for it that transcends graphical capabilities and limitations.

    How does the game hold up for you? Replaying took me back to 1999; my memories of this game are ingrained into my brain and it was a wonderful experience.

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    Soul Reaver is a gaming experience unlike any other. Video game creators, especially in the earliest of times have always been restricted by the technology at hand at the time. There were parts of Soul Reaver that were never implemented because of time restraints. Turel and the Smoke Stack, for instance. When I found out that there was supposed to be one more boss (brother) I thought, "damn... why don't the game publishers just let the game developers do their thing?". Not that the game wasn't great - of course it was. But the game publishers want the games out by a certain time (deadline), preferably, right before Christmas, because that when games sell the best. There are people buying games that ordinarily would not because they're buying them as gifts for somebody else - the gamer in the family. It becomes a bit self-defeating - counter productive. Btw, your 'Retrospective on Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver' is interesting. I'll save it to my favorites and continue to read it from there.

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    Hey, I just wanted to say that Soul Reaver is my favorite game series of all time - and your retrospective was a delightful read all the way through. Cheers!

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    Very nice recap/review indeed! One thing I would like to add is the seamless addition of abilities and options in the game. Each defeated enemy in the game revealed a new ability that actually contributed to the story line. Instead of being simply a mere upgrade to the character's arsenal, these abilities were integral to the story, the development of the character, and the entire epic as a whole.

    This continued into Soul Reaver 2 where even the load points, and save points, were actually woven into the story as legitimate parts of the story instead of blatantly induced save elements that were merely part of the game's save/load mechanics.

    This entire series has more to offer as its own product than the last decade+ of games (in my opinion). Few other game franchises have managed to reach the depth of story that this series has reached. (I say few because i don't purchase every PC game as soon as it comes out, so I may have missed a few.)

    I appreciate in particular the idea (expertly expressed in this series) of the ideas of fate versus destiny. The very vividly depicted artistry that shows the difference between one accepting fate and defying it to choose their own destiny. I personally feel like many game franchises have not gone to this extreme as successfully as the Legacy of Kain series.

    So when is the movie series coming to the big screen?????

    I must say, I remember back when I was analyzing every aspect of each game, there are a "few" inconsistencies though they all can certainly be explained by the intricate aspects of time travel and the like. I must say, I'd even appreciate a half-hearted attempt at making this series into a movie. As long as they don't try to cram it all into a 3hr one-shot ordeal.

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