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Thread: Does the whip work on flying sentinels?

Does the whip work on flying sentinels?

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    While I think whipping sentinels out of the sky would be overpowered, a possible mechanic would be to interrupt abduct/kidnap as soon as the whip hits. This way you can use whip defensively to save yourself/your teammates from getting abducted by whipping the sentinel prior to pickup, or save an abducted teammate by whipping the sentinel after pickup.
    ye maybe add 1.5 seconds of skill disable to the whip mechanics. skill disabled should also interrupt already active skills on the vamp, like kidnap, but not things like IP on tyrant or shiels on summoner ... (whip would probably still need a buff after that buff, to be an alternative to poison bola)
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    I thought whips did 200?

    Anyways, I'd like to see the Whip used more often, but it just seems like the bola is better, especially when you can get 320 damage out of tactician and one poison bola.

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