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Thread: Playing Vanguard

Playing Vanguard

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    I love to run a waraxe, rousing, shieldbash Vangaurd, and he usually does me well.

    Don't be afraid to throw some long range axes. They can be hard to land, but axes have zero damage dropoff, which make for great poking tools.

    You are a 1v1 machine as Vangaurd, so don't be afraid to go toe-to-toe with any vampire, especially Tyrants, since they're so easy to hit.

    That is to say, don't be afraid to pull out either. Rousing cry can be a good escape, since it speeds you up, so if you're all alone and can spare one cooldown, don't be afraid to pop and run.

    and like everyone else says, use that shield! It can reduce damage from pretty much anything, even pounces (last time I checked)

    Blocking punctures makes me so happy

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    As I'm about to unlock my first human class, i would like to know how does vanguard compare to prophet and what are it's advantages and disadvantages.

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    Originally Posted by DeadlyMak
    As I'm about to unlock my first human class, i would like to know how does vanguard compare to prophet and what are it's advantages and disadvantages.
    Prophet is an all-round and balanced class and can reliably deal damage to any vampire class at medium, close and even long range. She has Hex Shot - arguably the strongest CC in the game which can't be negated by any vampire ability after they've been hit with it. Her weakness is dealing with Summoner's pets and Deceiver's illusions (only if you can't recognize the real one) . Her pistols are relatively easy to use and have little vertical recoil which can be easily compensated.
    Depending on the loadout she can be used as either:
    -support - keeping allies alive with Eldritch Guard and CCing enemies with Hex Shot, perk for improving Eldritch Guard
    -damage dealer - Life Leech and Hex Shot or Draining Curse with either accuracy increasing perk, perk for Improving Life Leech or perk for restoring hp on kill
    All of her pistols are viable, but you shouldn't use Piercing Pistols for the damage role if you have very good aim as the DoT doesn't stack and only refreshes when continuously hitting the same vampire, however they are great for the support role because you want to focus on protecting your team and they are good for poke shots and the DoT delays vampire regeneration.
    Also avoid Sacrifice like the plague - it is a lot weaker than Eldritch Guard because it damages you, making you an easy target to assassinate and is only good in a well organized 4-man team with 2 Prophets running Sacrifice.

    Vanguard is primarily a support class and his damage and CC is most effectively in short range, can also work at medium range but you can forget about hitting someone at long range unless they are AFK or you can predict where the will be ~2sec in the future. His main problem is his axes, which although deal a lot of damage per hit, have slow travel time and big arc. With a LOT of practice and good prediction of vampires' movement you can learn to land axes somewhat reliably and have good DPS but if already have those skills then you probably can do the same if not better with the other human classes.
    Instead of zoom he can block melee attacks with his shield but only in front of him and will still take a little damage. He can also block some vampire abilities like Puncture.
    Vanguard is a good counter to Tyrant as he can block their Charge with Bulwark (as if they hit a wall) and can reliably hit them with axes in his effective range because of their big bodies, note however that if they switch from Charge to Jump you can't stop it. He is decent against Reavers and allies can track Disguise Deceivers if you mange to hit them because they can see an axe floating in the air. Like the Prophet he is weak against Summoner's pets and Deceiver's illusions and even more than her because Summoners will usually use their special ability (RMB) outside of his effective range. Even though he can block Puncture he is really weak against Sentinels:
    - he has almost no chance to hit them in the air
    - his CC doesn't work while they're flying** (Bulwark used to counter their flight but got nerfed)
    ** technically Shield Charge can hit Sentinels after they've grabbed another human and they are still near the ground but he has to be very near his ally and due to the cast time he can't use it to hit a Sentinel trying to grab him
    - due to his big body is a bit easier to Kidnap/Abduct
    - Sentinels can even negate his ability to block Puncture by dropping him from low height and Puncturing him while he is still stunned.
    All of his axes are equally hard to hit with and I would recommend Impaler Axe or Waraxe due their high damage per hit.
    Rousing Cry is effective in any team composition and is the only heal without disadvantages - AoE damage nullifies Alchemist's Healing Mist and Prophet's Sacrifice damages her. Bullwark except for blocking Tyrants is good for stalling the enemy if you are focused or alone and you're waiting for your team to save you, but almost every vampire class has some ability that can interrupt it.
    Shield Bash and Shield Charge are about equally good but Judgement is very situational and like Prophet's Sacrifice I strongly advice you not to take it.

    Overall I would recommend you pick the Prophet as she is easier to learn and use, effective and versatile.

    (fyi I'm a League 2 Eternal player with Vanguard maxed and Prophet nearly max lvl)
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    Is the recoil on the prophet's pistols same as hunter's repeater? I had trouble controlling it's recoil and was generally unable to focus fire at extended engagements. The multibow slightly helped me in this regard as the lower refire rate helped me adjust the recoil between shots.

    I played more alchemist than the hunter, my experience with the hand cannon is varied. On a good day i would be able to land direct hits but there are some games where i would miss more than half of my shots and where i would depend on bounced grenades to do damage.i tried fulbore, didn't really like it because it punishes more on misses while the sticky one just delayed the direct damage and felt like a downgrade. However i really liked the multi-cannon as it's way less likely to miss while dealing almost the same damage as handgun on a full direct hit.

    In short, i played alchemist extensively and only played hunter on those games where the first round as vampire went extremely well and was able to slightly slack on the second round.

    I heard Vanguard's throwing axe behaves almost similar to alchemist's hand cannon, in this regard would vanguard be a better choice to me?

    P.S. I can only play solo currently because of steam's draconian policy so i don't think supporting would work well for me.

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    I haven't played in a while but the recoil is better on Prophet's pistols iirc - Heavy Pistols have even lower fire rate than Multibow so you can use the same adjusting technique and generally pistols have less spread and more accuracy than Hunter's crossbows.

    Axes are slower and have more arc than Alchemist's cannons. Axes have no splash/AoE damage nor they bounce - they are similar to the Fullbore cannon.

    Alchemist has one of the highest dps capabilities and especially with the Multi-cannon's AoE and her two other abilities can deal with Summoner's pets, Deceiver's illusion. She can't stop Charge but is pretty good against Tyrants and can still damage Reavers with Evasion. Like Vanguard she is weak against Sentinels.

    Basically, if you don't play support, damage-wise Vanguard is a weaker version of Alchemist.

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    i just started running vanguard recently.

    what I found and how I play is kind of like scout. I run Kama with a cooldown stat and faster weapon speed. shield charge and that helath one.

    I normally not too close to my team because vamps gun for them if the don't see me first you take them out from a distance. all of the weapons have a good damage output PLUS your team doing subsequent damage. you can never have too much health so I pop that and run in when vamps are low or fleeing. also I run the cooldown perk becuae cooldowns are always good.

    there is a way to be super defensive and front of lines guy but I havnt figured that out yet.

    ive managed to take down 3 vamps all grouping me once, you can ge there health down low real quick so.. other than that these suggestions from others are great. practice does make perfect and starting private matches to practice always helps.

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    Originally Posted by vampirelucky

    Basically, if you don't play support, damage-wise Vanguard is a weaker version of Alchemist.
    Weird, i have lost fights against vanguard even when i engaged him with full health while playing as reaver but i would never be able to completely outdps a vampire that is on my face with alchemist.

    Nevertheless, i will go with your suggestion and pick Prophet.

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