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Thread: PS4 Icy Death not working

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    PS4 Icy Death not working

    Hi, wondered if anyone could help. I have the gold edition for my PS4 and ever sinve icy death was released ive been trying to access the new level. Ive downloaded and installed, logged out, shut the ps4 off and on, reinstalled the whole game but I cant seem to access this tomb. Twisted gears works absolutely fine. I didnt have any issues with this one.
    Each time i go to the pillar to open them tomb it just comes up with the message i dont have the content installed, even though I do. recommendations or help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Hello, thanks for taking the time to write to us. Apologies you're experiencing this issue. You should have access the DLC after downloading it from the PSN Store page. There's a thread on it here that may clarify the process: Let us know if the issue persists!

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