Thread: What to do about THOSE Scout players?

What to do about THOSE Scout players?

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    What to do about THOSE Scout players?

    You know, the ones that somehow think Scout = Sniper = Go off somewhere alone to snipe by themselves.

    I actually just played with one who would actually run off from a fight to get to a new position while his teammates were getting rekt.

    The same Scout players also seem to think they're 'carrying' the team. Of course your damage is going to be higher if you're taking pot shots at a distance while a teammate is getting ganked by two vampires.

    These are the sorts of situations where quitting is justifiable.

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    Best way to deal with one that isn't listening is to leave him alone. He'll eventually stop if he's not getting any kills/dying a lot. Flip side of that is he could do amazing. Scout doesn't really bring much other than damage anyway, so him being away from the group doesn't hurt a whole lot, as long as he's hitting targets.

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    Oh I know your pain, I know it well. When playing Humans there's nothing that pisses me off as much as "talented" Scouts suffering from Rambo Syndrome.

    I've had plenty that either:
    - Grapple hook onto the worst spot and don't even have sight of their team;
    - Tell the whole team to play around them when they pick the worst corner on the map and tell you that you have no clue how to play a game and that you are out of position when you're actually trying to get to a good spot;
    - Go around the corner and don't even move while their team is getting decimated 4v3, but they patiently wait for when a Vampire runs into their line-of-sight, just to land (or miss) that one charged shot they've been waiting for.

    Normally when playing with such talented people I either:
    1) Ask them politely to stay with the team and shoot Vampires (doesn't work too well, people are stubborn);
    2) Like DesolatedMaggot said, leave them be and hope that your team can fight 3.5 v 4. Eventually they'll learn to play the game;
    3) Pray that there is justice in the world and that Karma will put them on the enemy team next round, where I take full pleasure camping those individuals and teaching them good habits. Needless to say, that's my favourite alternative when option [1] fails.

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    Nothing makes me happier than repeatedly destroying lone wolf scouts and scouts that think using cloak then running from you does something.

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    I deal with them by sighing, rolling my eyes, and resign myself to another human round loss.
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    For scouts it's very important to be in an advantage position but not too far from their team. They should be in cover by their team while covering their team.
    Most scouts are just nabs though, but it gets better, once you're playing with better scouts.
    These are most likely the ones that shoot the deceiver right into its face while it's charging its backstab on you.

    But they're completely useless if all of the vampires are around them in melee range, then a scout should not go into the fight, but melee-roll a few steps away and then use the clear line of sight to help their friends with quick, uncharged shots.

    As a scout missing a shot is a lot more tragic, than let's say as a hunter. We only have 7 of them in the quiver and shoot them hell slow.

    Your bad scouts should be replaced by hunters or prophets and your good scouts.. your good scouts can save your ass a dozen time in just one match and carry the whole team. Give them all the freedom they need!

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    Most of them are just failing, but there are also people who know what to do. I saw fiew Scouts who ware really good at covering from a distance, especially at flashpoint they ware real help, becouse vamps had to deal with them. Two charged arrows can really change the odds, and while Scouts are in midst of battle its hard for them do bu usable. Low number of arrows in clip, not that good damage becouse of the low attack speeed.

    So whats my point? I think its ok to go solo but only when you are person who knows how to handle Scout and that this game is team based and you need to support.

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    The worst is when the scouts got tunnel-vision and although they have a charged shot, they are too focused on the center of the screen to realize, through health bars and mini map on that same screen they are looking at, THAT I'M BEING POUNCED BY A REAVER slightly off of their screens.

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    Ignore them, they will lose enough to learn soon enough.

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    Played multiple consecutive matches where I'm in a non-scout class and all other humans are playing as scouts. Needless to say, we got curb stomped in every single one of those matches

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    When I play with them, I sorta kinda just hope for the best and let them do their thing. Arguing just isn't worth it.

    When playing against them, since I usually pick sentinel with echo location, I make it a primary objective to continuously pick on them. I'll spot the little bastard from across the map and try to abuse his blind angles as much as possible. It's hilarious, especially when they respond to it in chat.

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    YEah i know this problem very well. Ive nothing against scouts and good players, even nothing against bad players because everybody need practice or is just bored with diffrent classes. But the problem is that this class attracts very sellfish players, ive seen a lot of them and mostly theyre cause of losing the match. Hell, its even worse when you have 2 or 3 scouts in the team and they all refuse to change the class. Sadly there is no real solution other then ask politely if theyll swicyt but if they refuse, there is no way to force them to do so. And even when they change their minds its often too late.

    I love them when im in opposite team, especially grappling hook, Im always switching to mind control to get them back to ground quickly ^^
    And if its really bad, easily accesible spot, tyrant with throw is the best and most fun thing yo \u can do in nosgoth XD
    Reaver pounce works really well too since most of the time he is alone with no cover

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    Yep that lone Scout is prime savage pounce bait for me, most fulfilling when I pounce them off their pretty perch.
    The most annoying case was when we were up against a Scout duo who were covering each other so cutely I could not sneak up on one without the other warbowing me.
    Tyrant throw is almost therapeutic lol.

    If they're on my team, I let them do their thing until it looks like its not working out (feeding) then ask them to change class.
    That happened today and they wouldn't change class, at which point I said 'GG, enjoy!' and left the match taking the loss.
    I'm not normally pessimistic like that but I have decided that sometimes, if you've done all you can and its still not working out, its better to leave than stay and rage.
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    I get the appeal of scout, I really do.

    But cloaking scouts just make me... sigh.

    Since most of the time, they end up cloaking and booking it and the first sign of danger

    At that point, it might as well be a 3v4.

    Sheesh, it's not like a cloak can have... offensive capabilities?


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    The three Scouts that refuse to change.... I know about that so well. I try to reason with them, tell them that variety works best, but they don't listen. One time a guy said "I'm trying to level up." Yeah, good luck leveling up when you die constantly. I'm sure you're just raking in the XP. If I choose a class at the beginning of the fight and see two others with the same class, I make sure to say I'll change when I die, just to make sure there's some communication and that we'll have a good variety for different circumstances. I've never played as Scout though, I mostly haven't chosen to unlock it because I don't trust my ability to aim well, and they seem to be all about good aiming.

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    I said a while ago that "scouts shouldn't be so independants", and someone from the team replied that they will "keep an eye on him". What have been done since then ? They received a talent (pursuit) which makes them even more lonely.

    It's not a problem at all with high-tier players, but with the rest...

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    Originally Posted by FearGhoul
    One time a guy said "I'm trying to level up." Yeah, good luck leveling up when you die constantly. I'm sure you're just raking in the XP.
    Moreso than they would be by not playing Scout at all.

    I don't play sniper so independence isn't anything I need. I've seen the guy that runs off for a vantage point while everyone else is being attacked though. Annoying.

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    If your entire team is dying, including you, then you're not going to get much XP for your Scout. Sometimes you need to suck it in and just accept the fact that you're not going to be able to level up that class for that fight if you want any hope of winning.

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    Originally Posted by Ghosthree3
    Nothing makes me happier than repeatedly destroying lone wolf scouts and scouts that think using cloak then running from you does something.
    This before the new "forrest scout run" perk, lol

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    Originally Posted by Ghosthree3
    Nothing makes me happier than repeatedly destroying lone wolf scouts
    Had a game of this last was fun, the Scout didn't learn...kept me amused anyway for 10 mins

    I'm not usually that mean but he kept sniping my poor vampy mates so of course I'm going to go for vengeance with fist shaking and "damn you" shouting