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Thread: How to Access DLC on PS4?

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    How to Access DLC on PS4?

    Hello. I've purchased the Season Pass through PSN, and I don't see any of the Icy Death or Twisted Gears content in the game. Am I missing something? Any clue on how I access the updates?

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    I don't know how the PS4 system works, but if it's anything like the PS3, you should first of all head to the store and download the packs. Having purchased the Season Pass should show them as Free items. In game you get the outfits and gear from the Community Chest, and the tombs are at the bottom end of the overworld, they should open once the DLC files are downloaded and installed.

    Again, I'm considering the PS4 works in a similar way to the PS3, so I apologize if it doesn't and this isn't helpful at all.

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    Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize that I had to download the packs from the PSN store. I assumed they were patched in with updates, like how Rockstar does with it's GTA V title. Kind of silly. Anyway, thanks again!
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    Yes, you have to go through the store to get the content. The ingame option to get DLC takes you to a blank PSN Store page on the PS4. The overworld got patched to allow access to the area where you could enter the DLC tombs but you had to go and specifically get the content when it became available.

    I think a likely reason stuff is not patched in is not everyone gets all the DLC. Seems it would be better to have people who are getting it go and get it instead of everyone's game trying to update or check for stuff that isn't purchased. I don't understand why the ingame "link" didn't actually take you to the DLC in the store.

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