Hi all, I'm here looking for some information about Final Fantasy XI, specifically the Beta Version for the PC. I came across a physical copy of this recently and I can barely find ANY relevant information about it on the Internet, so I figured this would be the best place to come. I believe on both of the pages I've found the person mentioned they were a past GameStop employee and they were given this at an employee convention, or something of that nature. Originally I thought it was going to be of little value - I think the normal PC version is worth $20 complete in box - but I'm a little puzzled by it's lack of presence on the Internet. Not on Price Charting, not on eBay, seriously nowhere but in two random forum posts with no responses that tell me anything about this piece. Is it worth $1, $10, $100, or did I just buy five new frisbees? How were they distributed, and to whom? There's no barcode. THIS is picture of it that I found on the Internet since it seemed to be good enough. http://i.imgur.com/c3GPvl.jpg If anyone has ANY relevant tidbits regarding this piece I'd be so happy!

Thank you