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Thread: Challenges ?

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    Challenges ?

    Good Morning i have a problem with LCTOO! I can't see the challenges. I can see them but wrong For instance i have completed the Shrine of Osiris and it says 0/0 ???
    Thank u for your time

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    Thanks for posting and letting us know and apologies you are experiencing this issue. It sounds like your save file is corrupt which may have been a result of an application error while installing a patch.

    If you…

    1) uninstall and reinstall the game AND
    2) prior to playing, connect to the internet to download all the latest patches before starting a new game,

    this is highly likely to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, this would delete all your save progress but it’s very likely to fix the issue and provide new, uncorrupted save files to play.

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    Thank u for your answer i dont know how but i did it by playing on multiplayer but the bad thing is that now i have to continue the game from a part retake .... from the chambre of osiris . Something like that. Thanks again

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