Thread: Please, SE, Do NOT localize the abomination that is Dragon Quest VII to the US 3DS!

Please, SE, Do NOT localize the abomination that is Dragon Quest VII to the US 3DS!

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    Please, SE, Do NOT localize the abomination that is Dragon Quest VII to the US 3DS!

    Though I am likely in the minority here, I am actually hoping that Square Enix does NOT bring the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII to the US.

    Why? For starters, the game is the longest in the series, and not in a good way. The quest is artificially extended by forcing repetition of shard-hunting to a point of near insanity. When I finally made it to the end of the game on PSX, I had logged over 100 hours, only to get owned by the final boss. Needless to say, I wasn't too happy to have to download a save from the web just to see the end of the game. BTW, the save file I used had logged over 140 hours, and I STILL had a rough time with the final battle.

    Dragon Quest VII is about the length of 3 other installments in the series. This would be great if it weren't simply tedious filler. Were the game about 1/3 its length, it would be more tolerable. However, I swore good riddance when I finally completed the game on PSX years ago with someone else's save file.

    In just about any other case, I'd be alongside fans begging for an English localization. However, I've gotta stand by SE in its current decision not to localize DQ7 on the 3DS.

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    So, because you don't want to buy the game, you don't want anyone else to have the opportunity? Would there be any negative effect for you, if it were localized? Could you possibly be any more selfish?

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    We promise nobody will force you to play it when it gets released. If that's not good enough... get lost.

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    It might seem selfish, but I think resources would be better spent on other fronts such as Bravely Second and KH3. It's a matter of personal opinion, and obviously people are free to disagree. Of course the end-all solution would be much simpler: learn Japanese.

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    No. If you're sincere, then you are wrong. Any Dragon Quest game is just as deserving of due time, money, and attention as any of Square-Enix's other titles and projects. If not MORE so.

    In fact, VII being such a long and epic game means it's MORE deserving of that focus. It's been out for a full two years now in Japan, and it's outright inexcusable that it hasn't been released in other regions yet.

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    I played Dragon Quest VII back when it was first releaed on the PS1 as Dragon Warrior VII. It has all the fun aspects that the rest of the DQ games have. I was 16 at the time and didn't have a job yet so I never ended up owning it, just a weekend rental. I think I got a little past the part where you fight some monster that turned out to be a human under some sort of curse or something. I liked the idea that there were different continents locked away and it definitely seemed HUGE compared to the four games we got before it. VII and IX are the only DQ games I currently do not own. I was going to pick up VII off Amazon or Ebay except for one thing, and this may sound silly to some people. From what I understand this game has GOD in it. Yes I know it sounds silly and explaining my gripe with religion is going to take way to long to write but I just can't get into a story the has religious aspects to it. DQ VIII and other installments do have a priest to save progress and often refers to a goddess which I have no problem with because it's not really some sort of religion, at least in the USA. The churches even have a completely different symbol instead of a cross. But combining a DQ story with aspects of real religion just rubs me the wrong way. That just isn't DQ to me, I think it should be completely seperate from aspects of Christianity or Catholic. I guess I'm one of the few lucky ones that has no problem with DQ VII not being released outside of Japan. However, I don't think others should miss out on the opportunity to play it if they want.