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No menu on BP

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    No menu on BP

    Hello guys i bought the game today on steam and i reserched a little bit but i cant find a solution.
    Game is strating everything is fine and then there is this airplane picture and i waited a while then there is
    a movie and when i move with the mouse it goes back no menu only the same picture again.
    I installed this gfw but its not realy helping.
    I dont have anymore ideas please help me.

    Thank you very much.

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    Exactly the same here. Seems like game tries to launch Games for Windows Live interface, which is already inactive. The question is what can be done to make it work..? :/

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    Sorry for double post, but I've found the solution, so I thought it has greater chance to be noted in new post, than through editing previous one. Well then, the issue is clearly related to Games for Windows Marketplace (former Game for Windows LIVE), which is already offline for some time. I tried to install Marketplace form Microsoft website, but it didn't help. But! I found this link:

    where you can download older version of Game sfor Windows LIVE. Let it install, update, and login with your Microsoft Account credentials. Worked like a charm. Battlestations Pacific suddenly started to work.

    Another thing worth noting is that when you launch the game, GFWL will ask you about your GFWL profile, to log in. As the service is offline, it's quite impossible to log in, But you can select "Create profile", and further "Create offline profile", which upon being created will work with GFWL overlay, but won't try to log in onto online GFWL servers.

    There you go.

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    but the thing is nothing happens i did danlwoad it and installed but no update thats strange here is ss

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    Actually what you did should be just enough for game to work. Anyway it did the job in my case. What you got on screenshot is exactly what I can see on my PC, and the game runs fine since installing this version of GFWL. Don't even bother with GFWL anymore, you can close it. The important thing is that it's installed. Just launch the game itself (not even through GFWL) and give it a try. Should be ok now.

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    I also believe you have to make sure you have the updated version of GFW and do the offline mode. Let us know how it goes.