Thread: (For fun) Summoner achievement suggestions

(For fun) Summoner achievement suggestions

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    (For fun) Summoner achievement suggestions

    So, the summoner's out, and (presumably) will be getting achievements at some point. Just for fun, how about a thread for suggested achievements for the summoner? Here's a few of my thoughts (and I realise there won't be anything like this many actually going in):

    Centennial Summoner/Use This Ability x Times- almost certainly coming anyway.
    Bolt From Beyond - injury all four humans with an abyssal bolt's explosion. (Equivalent to Outbreak or Unstoppable Force.)
    Scared Away - force a human to abandon using a supply station with an abyssal bolt. (Could generalise to choking haze and air strike etc. as well?)
    I Think Not - block a fully charged bow shot (that was already airborne?) that would have killed you.
    Dark Saviour - prevent a teamate taking fatal damage with abyssal shield. Or prevent damage to all four vampires with abyssal shield.
    If You Want Something Done Right... - over the course of a round do more melee damage than your summoned creatures.
    Thieving Wretch! - have a kill stolen by your own summoned creature. (Yes, it still counts as your kill, but you know what I mean.)
    Shield To Shield - get into a shoving match with a Shieldbearer with your abyssal shield.

    And some human ones:
    Patience Is A Virtue - kill a summoner within one second of her abyssal shield dropping.
    Trick Shot! - hit a summoner with your hand cannon when she has her shield raised toward you. (Bouncing it off walls and stuff.)
    Catch Me If You Can - take no damage from a Slayer assigned to you, which survives the entire duration of the ability (i.e. you can't just kill it).

    Any thoughts or suggestions of your own?

    (Putting this thread here as it's kind of for fun - I'm sure Psyonix have their own plans already - and I also don't want to muddy the waters of the other threads that are actually about summoner gameplay feedback in the feedback & suggestions forum. Many apologies if this should have been in the other forum anyway.)

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    Some really nice suggestions you got going there, I really like quite a few concepts. To contribute to the discussion, here are a few ideas, some of which are suitable to be included in the "hidden achievements" category.

    P1. Summoner:
    "Strength in Numbers" - Kill 50 Humans while you have an active summoned creature.

    "Master of Puppets" - Kill 20 Humans with summoned Stalkers or Slayers.

    "Shieldmaiden" - Negate 10,000 damage with Abyssal Barrier.

    "Not This Time" - Negate 20 Bolas, Poison Bolas or Hex Shots with Abyssal Barrier.

    P2. Humans:
    "Who You Gonna Call" - Kill 100 summoned ghouls.

    "Pest Control" - Kill 10 summoned ghouls with a Flame Thrower.

    "No Place Safe" - Kill a Summoner that is hiding behind Abyssal Barrier with an area-of-effect ability.

    P3. Additional ideas (these are not Summoner related, but since we're having this discussion):
    "Fortune Cookie" - As a Prophet, disable an invisible Deceiver with a Hex Shot. [Hidden]

    "Highlander" - Kill 20 enemies with a Tyrant while below 20% health. There can be only one.

    "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" - Abduct or Kidnap an enemy out of Tyrant's Throw. [Hidden]

    "Vulture" - Abduct or Kidnap an enemy player out of another Sentinel's grab. [Hidden]

    "Avenger" - Kill 250 enemy players that have just killed your team mate.
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