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Thread: Storyline not logical BUG? --SPOILER--

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    Storyline not logical BUG? --SPOILER--

    In my second walkthrough i didn't told the truth about Nathan.
    Also I did not tell no one else about Nathan.
    Nevertheless, he accused me at the parking lot, that
    I have photographed him.
    Exactly the same storyline as in my first walkthrough
    That makes no sense!!!

    Someone told me in another Board Nathan found the torn photo....

    But the photo is very thin evidence
    Max could have been on the toilet hours before the crime
    The evidence with the torn photo seems a stretch to me

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    He's paranoid, its possible that's how he find out in the first place. As it clearly show him by the photo. I tried to pick it up but cant.

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    Hmm...slightly tricky this one; there are a few possible explanations.

    Let's try this one as an example.

    Note: the text below contains events that occur in the actual game and should be considered as spoilers.

    Before anything else we have to acknowledge the fact that Max has already got a history at Blackwell Academy. Her time there does not reset at the start of the game to a blank slate.

    Max is at Blackwell Academy, where she is hopeful of gaining a scholarship to further develop her budding talent as a photographer. It is a given then that every other student there - or most of them at least - would know this fact about her. So who is to say, unknown to us, that she doesn't habitually take candid or random photo's of her fellow students? - she's always capturing something; looking at her wall in her dorm will tell you that much. Plus the fact she builds up a complete photo portfolio of all the people she interacts with - along with a written diary telling us exactly what she thinks of them as people.

    Nathan will also know about her penchant for photography so would suspect that, in the past, Max could well have taken several photographs of him without his prior consent or knowledge. And as Auric180 pointed out, quite rightly, he is totally paranoid. He dreads the thought that anyone might have seen him toting a loaded gun about the campus and then have the audacity to go and tell the principle - regardless that we come to learn that his family is very influential and practically 'owns' the town. He is a control freak and couldn't live with anyone knowing any of his secrets.

    And adding to his frustration and anger he sees Max drive off with Chloe, a girl that in another timeline he murdered - accidently or not. But in the 'now' the thought of committing that crime, maybe, is still inside him. So naturally, anyone friendly with Chloe will be guilty by association of being in cahoots with Her.

    It is not a very good time to be Nathan; he sees enemies everywhere he looks.

    It goes deeper than that, too! But for now let that be food for thought.

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