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Thread: Other Language ?

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    Other Language ?

    Will we ever get a german version of Life is Strange ? I mean its extremly odd to have a trailer with german Subtitles but ingame is only english thats bad i cant enjoy the game as much as i would love to do :-(

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    I think the translation for other languages is a very important thing.
    English is not mine natural language, I learn enough to appreciate this game.
    But my girlfriend don't understand a word in english and she is definitely the kind of girl who will loves this game....

    So please DONTNOD/Square-Enix make subtitles in other languages like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and many others

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    We have received a lot of feedback requesting localized subtitles. Currently there is no further news on whether there will be a German version of the game but we will announce any changes on our official channels

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