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Thread: PS4 Multiplayer issues

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    PS4 Multiplayer issues

    I have already left my comments in relation to the desync problem in related thread:

    Having managed to overcome one show stopper bug I continued on for a few more minutes before my character (Horus) lost all fire power from every weapon (except bombs).

    Two show stopper bugs in several minutes of game play.

    Please don't try to convince me that this product was actually tested!

    At this point I would like some assurance from the developers that they are:

    1) At least looking for these issues
    2) Have identified them
    3) Are working towards fixing this product.

    This is completely unacceptable!

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    Hey there, I saw your post on the main thread and wanted to let you know that the team is aware of the desynchronization issue. We’re posting updates on this main thread:

    In regards to this bug with your character, it sounds like your save file is corrupt which may have been a result of an application error while installing a patch. Because of the corrupt save file, you may continue to encounter errors as long as you play on these files.

    If you...

    1) uninstall and reinstall the game AND
    2) prior to playing, connect to the internet to download all the latest patches before starting a new game,

    this is highly likely to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, this would delete all your save progress but it’s very likely to fix the issue and provide new, uncorrupted save files to play. My apologies that you’re encountering this bug.

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