Thread: Some help for this game please

Some help for this game please

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    Some help for this game please

    Ok so I suck at Lightning Returns I need to get used to the combat and I also need to get used to using my time wisely so my question is this.

    I've started the game on normal died a few times and literally just wasted time trying to get used to everything I have kind of given up on this playthrough but as theres a new game + I thought what the hell why not make my next playthrough easier and just get stuff ready. So while waiting for the time of the world to expire what items and stuff should I focus on getting? Like killing specific enemies for them that kind of thing?

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    The combat is not difficult to get used to. All the main quests and side-quests can be finished in a few days if you planned well for them. You will end up with so many days without a purpose, unless you will do the lesser important quests (Canvas of Prayers) or do redundant stuff to get trophies. Fighting will not make Lightning stronger, the only way to make her stronger is by finishing the quests. Canvas of Prayers quests give very little stat increases and aren't worth the trouble mostly. I think it is better to start with New Game +, as it has more advantages, so you can lose on purpose if you want (you can use the inn to skip time quickly).

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    Btw with enough HP/MP obtained, you can tackle enemies a bit better. Plus abilities can be snagged from enemies, so keep in mind your timing vs their attacks. The bigger they are, the more skills you need to knock them down. +Store up on enough health items (Phoenix Down's get a bit expensive, unless you trade for medals you find). +There are a few hidden garbs + weapons, the more you do, the more things you can explore.