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Thread: Tomb Raider 2 help!!!! Eternal death.

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    Tomb Raider 2 help!!!! Eternal death.

    I'm currently in tomb raider 2 level 15: temple of xian.
    I'm at the part with the room with the three switches and the falling spike ceiling. I accidentally saved right when the spikes are about to kill me, so no matter what it keeps reloading and I keep dying. There isn't even enough time to perform a skip level cheat. Is there anything I can do to fix this???? I'm playing the tomb raider 2 app on my phone if that helps

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    Do you know that throughout all the Tomb Raider games, Lara's second adventure remains my all time favourite.

    I remember well the room in the temple of Xian with the switches on the walls. I am not sure how, or indeed if the version you are playing on your phone differs from the version I played on the PS2. But if you have saved right at the point where the spikes are almost bearing down upon you, then I don't see any way out for you other than to start the level again - but that level goes on forever, doesn't it!

    I see that you posted this in January so perhaps you have got round your predicament with the spikes and have since successfully completed the level.

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