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Thread: The Tomb of the Architect Gear Bug Report and Observations (PS4)

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    Exclamation The Tomb of the Architect Gear Bug Report and Observations (PS4)

    Region: Cliffside
    Tomb: Tomb of the Architect
    Play Mode: Single Player (Network affected earlier as well)
    Time Other Player Joined: N/A (At main menu when playing Network. Other player was hosting.)
    Misc: Previously, both players had same save data progress. We had played locally beforehand.

    The link above is to a walkthrough of the Tomb of the Architect, also showing the methodology of getting inside (which is where the problem seems to lie). Reading the posts in the threads on the topic, I haven't really been getting any real impression on the technical problem. Seeing this video and playing around with the game myself, though, I've at least figured out what causes it for me (Maybe others. Can't really speak for their experiences).

    To access the Tomb of the Architect, One must step on the button in front of the tomb, activating the gears around the Cliffside region. Doing so cracks the ice that covers the gears, giving you the chance to destroy the ice and allowing for their free motion and the opening of the tomb door. Playing through originally with my sister over the PSN, stepping on the buttons did nothing. We jumped and ran around on them to no avail. We had previously completed Tomb of the Torturer and Pharoah, leaving this tomb for last since the door was closed.

    In another thread, I saw a post saying that reinstalling the game without update data fixed the problem for them and a few other people. I did this (delete the game, reinstall it and delete the update file before it installed) and rebooted the game. Interestingly, loading the game again brought me to the beginning of Sobek's chapter. I was bummed but didn't really mind (I missed some challenges and this let me go through again without feeling bad for missing them before) and sped right through. Returning to the Cliffside region, I checked the Architect door. I stepped on the glowing button (only one this time; I did this run alone) and nothing happened. Without my sister nagging me about not working this time, I investigated the mechanics of it and found my problem.

    When stepping on the button, nothing happens. That's a problem in itself. I reloaded the checkpoint to try again, and still nothing. I figured you had to do this one last since it was pointing me to the Torturer's tomb and shrugged, carrying on. After completing Torturer and Pharoah again, I returned to the Architect's Tomb to give it another go but realized that it was impossible: the button to activate the gears that I had stepped on before was still depressed (which made me depressed). I once more reloaded my last checkpoint, but the button was still depressed and unusable.

    Watching the video, I noticed a few things. First, the order doesn't seem to matter. The person who had made the video clearly already finished the game and was able to enter the Architect tomb despite the objective being to go to the Torturer's tomb. Secondly, the button remained depressed for them as well, showing that at least that part is intentional. The only difference between my experience and the video is that stepping on the button does not trigger the cutscene for me, meaning the gears and puzzle do not activate.

    Basically, my button's all broke-like.
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    Thanks for such a detailed description - really sorry you're having this issue. We're still looking into exactly what is causing it and trying to reproduce the bug on our end. I'm updating and asking questions in this thread:

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