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Thread: Can not access The Tomb of the Architect on PS4

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    Can not access The Tomb of the Architect on PS4

    I have completed everything that is needed to access the Tomb of the Architect, but the switch directly to the right will not allow the ''Action" to take place. Set's ice is still on all the gears and I am unable to do anything to get rid of the ice. I have looked online to see numerous videos on how to perform and complete this and I have done everything. The gears are stationary, and aren't even "struggling" to move prior to the player shooting rockets or placing bombs to destroy the ice. I really do not want to have to replay the whole game as I am almost done. let me know if there is anything I can do. This is for the PS4

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    Guys I figured put a way to fix this problem.
    Here's what I did (PS4):
    Deleted the game => Re-downloaded the game => before you start the game after you've redownloaded the game, delete the update file (the game will update itself if the update file is downloaded on your console. Make sure you cancel the update file download whenever it's initiated.

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    I just copy and pasted some other dudes reply but I tried this and it works

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    I want to thank whomever first came up with this solution as it was a complete game breaker. I cannot believe that the QA people allowed that patch through untested.
    Anyways, I followed the directions and deleted the game, re-installed it and did NOT let the game update, once the cut-scene starts suggesting you clear the gears and you are able to enter the Architects Temp,e I let the game update.
    So in retrospect update bad game good.

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    Great that this works for some but it isn't a universal fix unfortunately - didn't fix it for me

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    Hello there!

    Just an FYI, i'm providing updates on this thread here:

    Very sorry for the trouble!

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