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Dragon Quest games on Steam

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    Rolleyes Dragon Quest games on Steam

    SE can you rerelease the games on Steam like you do with Final Fantasy? If you are start with DQ VIII they will see how magnificent the DQ sgames are.

    Thanks, Huge fan of DQ

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    They COULD port DQ8 to Steam since it was remade using Unity for the mobile release.
    But i dont think it would make any sense given how SE treated the recent console and handheld DQ releases (see, they are just in Japan... the last DQ we got was in 2011... in Japan they have 5 DQ in 3DS (counting DQX, which is multi-platform and is on PC and Wii U too) and 4 more DQ games being developed (DQ Heroes, DQ11 (unoficially announced by series creator Yuji Horii), a brand new DQM and Theatrhythm DQ)).

    As a hardcore fan, if they released it on Steam i'd still buy if even if, like the mobile release, it was only en english. (On ps2 it was multi-5 and with great translations).

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    This makes me hate Japan!