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Thread: [ps4][3players][100%][walkthrough_breaker] cannot progress passed a certain point

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    [ps4][3players][100%][walkthrough_breaker] cannot progress passed a certain point

    Hey devs,

    My friends and I found a blocking issue on the game which prevents us to progress in the game while playing coo with 3 players.

    What we did was:
    - Send invites from lobby
    -We were 4 the 1st party group, but only 3in game.
    - In the first level, after placing the two balls in the cages which makes a bridge slides and grants you the mp5.
    -Once puzzle is unlocked, cam remain stuck on the session's host, so we can't advance
    -We tried resuming save with different host.
    -We tried starting new game
    Issue seems 100%

    We also tried this once: progressing in solo passed that checkpoint and send invite. this resulted in having host cam remaining stuck upon loading.

    Hope this helps.

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    After patch, tried again playing from scratch with my friends. Guess what, issue still there.

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