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Thread: LCTOO Troubleshooting & FAQ

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    LCTOO Troubleshooting & FAQ

    Hello all,

    Will update this thread with FAQ related to troubleshooting Temple of Osiris. This thread will be a quick reference guide for questions we've already addressed. While you're welcome to report your technical issues in this forum and troubleshoot with other players, the quickest way to get one-on-one help directly from a customer service representative is to submit a ticket through Square Enix support:

    Q: Where do I find my pre-order DLC?

    A: DLC gear, weapons, and outfits, including pre-order items, can be collected from the Community Chest in the center of the Shrine of Osiris after you complete the first tomb.
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    Hello! Finished the game, I finished all tombs in 100% but some steam achievements have not been released:
    1. What's in the Box
    2. Get ready for a challenge
    3. It has to start somewhere
    4. His death not be in vain
    5. Ostentation
    6. Not on my watch
    7. Party on the couch
    8. Begin a journey
    9. Relax, I'll handle it!
    10. Time passes, time flies ...

    PS. All were carried out, but did not show up the achievements of Steam.

    There is a solution for this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by JotunNeko View Post
    So the game was patched today (-I'm on PS4), and with that I seem to have lost quite a bit of progress in the way that a lot of the challenges I had completed are now back to being not completed.. I got my platinum trophy in the game a few days back, so I had completed all of the challenges. And now quite a lot of them show up as not having been completed at all, when I go into tombs. The overworld even claimed that I hadn't found some of the Red Skulls in some areas, only to reward me for having found all of them the moment I ventured into those areas.

    Also, the moment I went back to the Shrine area, it replayed the last cutscene for that area as well.
    Hi all!

    The exact same thing has happened to me, we are also on PS4 and it has affected profiles for everyone who has played the game. The 'challenges' menu is also affected, there seems to be more than one list displayed/overlapped at the same time, with point challenges in particular.

    (The OP originally posted in general Discussion under 'Latest Patch')

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    This is exactly whats happening to me also on my ps4 only I was like 2 challenges away from getting the final trophy then the update came out and all my saved data is gone! I'm so upset, I've played hours and hours and all gone!! no response from the forums yet in my post.. I created a thread called PS4 challenge bug.. I also saw post that said delete the game and re download only don't install the update, delete the update file from the downloads. I tried that also but no luck, it seem to correct the issue that the tombs were showing that I needed to get all 5 skulls again, when I already had done that but the skull were gone so no ways I could do that again.. if no skulls to get how am i supoosed to get them again... argggg so frustrating

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