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Thread: Soul Reaver 1 Setup won't run!

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    Soul Reaver 1 Setup won't run!

    So, my father is a big fan of LoK and when I turned 13 he introduced me to the LoK games and I've been a big fan since.
    Since he knows the games from alot of time, he owns the physical/retail versions wich aren't from Steam, I think this might help in the case.
    I try to run the install from the autorun but it doesn't appear, I've been waiting for 3 hours for it to show because on my brother's computer it showed after 5 min. after launching the setup.
    The setup is active in my processes though... any ideas of what is happening?
    My system runs on Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit.

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    Only Wrace0's version works now. You have to get that from GOG.
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