Thread: question about BSM Soundtrack

question about BSM Soundtrack

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    question about BSM Soundtrack

    Hi ,
    just wanted to ask re the soundtrack - there is a file in the music folder
    that is listed as US_Tension_Action 01.FSB which contains 3 tracks which
    are Tension , Action , and Calm - to play these as mp3 files they have to
    be extracted . I wonder if anyone has ripped these into single files so that
    they can be played etc - extracting the larger files that contain 6 channels
    looks to be complicated at least for me so any help or advice
    would be welcome


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    Not to my knowledge. Have you checked with the fansites? Some of those guys have really dug into the the game code. I am sure one of those would be able to assist. Check the Battlestations Pacific section for links.