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Problem with Thief

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    Problem with Thief

    Ya, I'm having problems. I would post the image, but it involves a bunch of colors sporadically moving about the screen. Also, during game-play, no help tips come up on how to play the game and the colors keep all over the place. Is my video card out of date? I have reduced the settings to their lowest settings possible.

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    Maybe your drivers need to be updated. A bunch of colors moving sporadically around the screen almost sounds like your card could be failing. How old is your card? Maybe it's overheating which is causing the graphic artifacts to appear.

    Can you post your full system specs? It's really not possible to figure out what might be happening without a full picture.

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    I fixed it by tweaking some graphics settings. Thanks.

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    Originally Posted by corykanakis
    I fixed it by tweaking some graphics settings. Thanks.
    Would you kindly share which graphics setting you tweaked in case other people run into the problem?
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