While I am escaping across the burning bridge after robbing the baron's manor(chapter 6,) I come across the part where Garrett says something about the roof of the building below you looks unstable/about to fall in, after i get past that part, I'm at the part where you do a normal jump over a fiery hole in the roof(looks almost like a small walkway) and then the next jump after that is the one where you (I think) you're supposed to do a running jump to the other building on the other side of the road, but no matter every which way I jump, I don't make it across and fall to my death. I see all the time in video walkthroughs that no one seems to have this issue. How can I get past it? (oh and, I have tried getting a running start before jumping and it still doesn't work, i tried to do every kind of jump possible in this game but i always fall down to my death when I try to make this jump, which is why I think this is a bug/glitch and not the result of a lack of skills.)

ill post some screen shots of it: