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Thread: Raising/Lowering Water?

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    Question Raising/Lowering Water?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone knows how to raise and lower water levels (like in tomb of Tihocan) I want it to be raised and lowered by pulling a lever. Thanks for the help

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    I always wanted to know this , but I never posted a thread because I kept forgetting about it!!!

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    Well now there is one XD I'm sure Titak or Driber will know ^.^

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    With TRNG it is even easier since the flip-on and flip-off flipeffect triggers work better in TRNG than the old ones.
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    I reeaallyy need to learn more about NGLE, ive never used flipmaps, could you possibly explain a bit? I'm trying to make a water themed puzzle...Oh, and is there anyway to also fill a room with sand?

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    Flipmaps are also possible in the original TRLE.

    Build a room and connect it to other rooms before you flip it because once a room is flipped you can't make new portals to other rooms anymore unless you delete the flipped room.
    Hit the F button right below the 2D grid and type a number in the box next to it. Let's say number 1. This is the number of your flipmap. Once you hit the F button you'll see that the background of the editor window will turn black.
    This means you are now in the flipmap version of the room.
    Change the room by making it a waterroom or visa versa and change lighting and such if needed.
    Use the keyboard combo of Alt and F to go back and forth between the flipmap version and the original room.

    Now set a flipeffect trigger where you want to activate the flipmap.
    If you are using TRNG you can use trigger F125 to flipmap the room ingame and F126 for going back to the original room. Select ofcourse the flipmap number you typed in the box
    I suggest including the room with the switch in the flipmap (yes, you can have multiple rooms per flipmap, just make sure you follow the above steps for all the rooms and that you all give them the same flipmap number, 1 in my example). so you can place the flip-on trigger in the unflipped room and the trigger for the flip-off in the flipped room.

    Once you are done, make sure you are in the unflipped version of the rooms (with white background) and save the prj.
    Convert as usual.

    So, yes, you can also fill a room with sand this way: change the roomgeometry in the flipped version of the room so it looks filled with sand.

    You can't place moveables in the flipped rooms.
    So if you want an enemy to appear in your flipped room, place it in the regular version of the room.
    Same goes for other moveables, like switches.
    You can place statics and new triggers in flipped rooms.

    Note 2:
    As said, flipmaps are also possible in teh original TRLE but I can't remember how to trigger them.
    I think there's another flipmap trigger for it.
    If it walks like a duck and if it quacks like a duck, it IS a duck.

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    Sounds somewhat simple, i'll give it a shot! Thanks Titak!

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