Apparently my computer is possessed? The ability to select anything but the bottom option of any menu is nearly impossible. I managed to get through the load screen and picking which difficulty that I want. I figured everything else was working, being able to lock pick, run, crouch, yadda yadda wasn't affected. And then I get passed the first part and I'm in the clock tower and I can't CHOOSE ANYTHING BUT THE BOTTOM THINGS IN MY INVENTORY TO STORE OR TAKE. -.-;

I have certainly scoured this message board to find the answer to my issue. I see a lot of people having the same problem when I tried to google it. I also looked at the fixed forum thread and there seemed to be a result but when I follow the instructions nothing happens ( Going to device manager, human interface device, and trying to disable the USB) This doesn't work. I even disconnected my wireless mouse all together and tired using the track pad, same issue. I tried shutting it down and starting again.

Everything I could think of I've tried and nothing is working. Is this an issue with coding? Some sort of bug? Or am I going to have to fight to get my money back on a game I can't freaking play.