Thread: New WWII Stealth RTS in development !

New WWII Stealth RTS in development !

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    New WWII Stealth RTS in development !

    Hello guys,

    I would like to introduce you my new hobby project. WWII Stealth RTS game:

    What do you think about it ?

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    As posted in the other thread very nice to see this.

    Keep us up to date and give us a shout when you need help. Perhaps some of us or the people lurking in the shadows are able to help a hand.

    Also in the future could you post the full URL of the site instead of using url shortener's. This isn't a rule or anything so it's ok if you don't; it's just a personal preference of mine, I like to see where a link leads to.

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    Wow this looks amazing! That's a very nice idea , I love Commandos games and looking forward to your project.
    I am also learning game development and C# programming.
    I am using Unity 3D , not Unreal Engine.

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    Thank you for all positive feedbacks It is really nice to hear from you, guys...

    I am sure I will post only direct link next time

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    Any more news about this?