Somewhere around the time that we outgrow Indian burns and wedgies as our standard social interactions of choice, shaking hands takes over as the common courtesy shown when greeting friends and strangers alike. It's an action so ingrained that we do it with nary a second thought as to where the somewhat moist, unnaturally warm hand that we're reflexively fondling has been. Except for next time. Next time, you're going to think about where that hand's been. maybe even more so than nowadays.
From my wife's bridal shower there were gifts that were really, well poorly chosen and for a couple it is then difficult to know what to do with those items. However, the down side is that often many items brides to be put on their Bridal Registry are well and truly out of the range of the people coming.
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Take the US dollar for instance. It has been treated as a de facto currency; however, after the latest massive money printing by the fed, the mortgage and financial system breakdown, other countries have lost confidence in the greenback. The USD can lose it de facto status, and be greatly devalued.
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