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Thread: new parts Legacy of Kain

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    new parts Legacy of Kain

    made a new part of the thief. Try to make a new Legacy of Kain part
    and that you can not hear and can not see what Hitman already in the throat even though I in them and unplayable
    thanks in advance

    whole generation has forgotten this game resurrect classics

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    The LoK series is not forgotten - there are many of us still keeping the flame alight.

    There have been at least a couple of attempts in the last few years to get the series up and running, but for various reasons they have failed and we've only found out through the persistence of some of the fans.

    At the moment LoK is in a good place though - Nosgoth - the multiplayer spin-off - is in closed beta and this has raised the profile of the series dramatically and the clamour for a new single player title has reached a new level and been repeatedly acknowledged by Square-Enix, who have repeatedly stated their desire to make it happen. There is nothing in the works just yet, but with all the attention it should hopefully only be a matter of time before another attempt is made.
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