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reset the game / second player

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    reset the game / second player

    Hi there!

    Is there a way to reset 'Hitman Go'. My girlfriend wants to play it too, but it's not that fun, if all the cards already got a stamp.

    Best thing would be to create a second player account of course. Any plans for that?


    P.S: Congratulations by the way. Hitman Go is a brilliant game! )

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    Sorry... already found the reset-option by myself

    But the second-player would be a nice thing altough - for all the people (and couples ) out there, who got only one iPad.

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    There is a way to reset the game and it's stamps: from the main menu, tap the little cog icon on the very left and then 'reset game' is in the list.

    This will reset all the stamps that you've earned - but there's no way to get them back once you do this! Stamps are important because they're also used to unlock new levels. For example, if you had 120 stamps when the Airport Update was released, you could play them immediately.